Note: Offices start and end at the annual meeting.

Current Officers
Officer’s Duties
Previous Officers

Current Officers

TG Chair: 2019-2021 (Will serve as chair for Chicago and Baltimore conferences)

Jing Feng

Jing Feng
Associate Professor
jing_feng AT




Program Chair: 2020-2021(Baltimore , MD)


HeeSun Choi
Assistant Professor
heesun.choi AT





Secretary/Treasurer & Chair-elect: 2019-2021 (Chicago , IL & Baltimore, MD)

Bethany Lowndes

Bethany Lowndes
Assistant Professor
bethany.lowndes AT



Newsletter Editor:  2020-2021 (Baltimore, MD)


Na Du
Graduate Student
nadu AT




Web Master: 2020-2021 (Baltimore, MD)


Jonathan Kasko
Graduate Student
jrkasko AT



Officers’ duties

All officers must be full members of HFES. Handover occurs at the ATG business meeting at the annual conference. The list of officers is as follows:

TG Chair (2-year term)

The TG chair has overall responsibility to ensure that the group meets its minimum requirements. The chair works with the HFES executive director in scheduling the TG’s annual business meeting and arranging other events; with the newsletter editor regarding timing, content, distribution method, and cost of newsletters; and with other officers to ensure that TG activities are being carried out. The chair also represents the TG as a member of the Council of Technical Groups.

TG Chair-Elect (1-year term)

The chair-elect usually assists the current chair, though ultimate responsibility for the TG’s operation lies with the current chair. The current chair-elect will move into the office of chair at the end of the chair’s 2-year term.

Program Chair (1-year term)

In some TGs the chair appoints this position; in others, the program chair is elected. The program chair is responsible for overseeing the technical review of proposals submitted for the HFES Annual Meeting. See Appendix E for detailed guidelines in the “Handbook for Program Chairs.”

Program Chair-Elect (1-year term)

The program chair-elect may assist the program chair with the technical review of papers for the annual meeting. The program chair-elect will move into the position of program chair for the subsequent term.

Secretary-Treasurer (1-year term)

In some groups, these offices are separated: one person is secretary and another is treasurer. Although the secretary-treasurer may be responsible for the TG’s finances, the Operating Rules stipulate that this is ultimately the chair’s responsibility. Therefore, close coordination between these offices is essential. All financial records (checkbook, bank statements, etc.) for TGs are held in the HFES central office. Invoices should be sent to Lynn Strother at the central office for payment.

Newsletter Editor (1-year term)

The newsletter editor is responsible for producing at least two newsletters per year and distributing them to TG members. The newsletter is the vital link between a TG’s officers and its members, and its quality and frequency are often associated with members’ level of satisfaction with their TG affiliation.

Web Master/Blogger (1-year term)

The web master is responsible for maintaining current information on the ATG website.

Previous Officers

2019-2020 (2019 meeting: Chicago, IL)

TG Chair: Jing Feng
TG Chair-Elect: Bethany Lowndes
Program Chair: HeeSun Choi
Secretary/Treasurer Bethany Lowndes
Newsletter Editor: Na Du
Web Master: Jonathan Kasko


2018-2019 (2019 meeting: Seattle, WA)

TG Chair: Marita O’Brien
TG Chair-Elect: Jing Feng
Program Chair: Jenay Beer
Program Chair-Elect: Frank Schieber
Secretary/Treasurer Bethany Lowndes
Newsletter Editor: Jeremy Lopez
Web Master: Daniel Quinn

2017-2018 (2018 meeting: Philadelphia, PA)

TG Chair: Marita O’Brien
Program Chair: Anne Adams
Program Chair-Elect: Jenay Beer
Secretary/Treasurer: Laura Barg-Walkow
Newsletter: Maurita Harris
Web Master: None

2016-2017 (2017 meeting: Austin, TX)

TG Chair: Kelly Caine
TG Chair-Elect: Marita O’Brien
Program Chair: Ranjana Mehta
Program Chair-Elect: Anne Adams
Secretary/Treasurer: Nicole Werner
Secretary/Treasurer-Elect: Laura Barg-Walkow
Newsletter: Maurita Harris

2015-2016 (2016 meeting: Washington, DC)

TG Chair: Kelly Caine
Program Chair: Sharon Joines
Program Chair-Elect: Ranjana Mehta
Secretary/Treasurer: Kathi Olson
Secretary/Treasurer-Elect: Nicole Werner
Newsletter: Michelle Bryant
Web Master: Anne Adams

2014-2015 (2015 meeting: Los Angeles, CA)

TG Chair: Diana Schwerha
TG Chair-Elect: Kelly Caine
Program Chair: Jing Feng
Program Chair-Elect: Sharon Joines
Secretary/Treasurer & Elect: Kathi Olson
Newsletter: Natalee Baldwin & William Leidheiser
Web Master: Anne Adams

Annual Meeting Submission DeadlineFebruary 24, 2020
Annual Meeting Proceedings Papers DueMay 25, 2020
ATG Research Scholarship Submission DueSeptember 1, 2020
Arnold Small Award Submission DueAugust 1, 2020
HFES Annual Meeting BeginsOctober 5, 2020
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